World Wildlife Fund

To help save and protect the more than 100 endangered species of Russia, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Russia continually builds awareness of their plight. To help this effort, we partnered with social networking site Odnoklassniki, one of the country’s most highly trafficked websites, to create “Rare Page,” a campaign that paired endangered species with another dying breed: 404 “Page Not Found” error messages.

Users who visited broken links on Odnoklassniki were shown an image of an endangered species with a message that the animal was in danger of “not existing” and an invite to learn more or donate to WWF Russia. This surprising and powerful connection reached a wide audience across all of Russia.

Over 680,000 unique monthly users find our 404 pages on Odnoklassniki. So far, roughly 70,000 have visited the WWF group and 35,000 have registered to join. WWF saw a 0.42% increase in donations, which is nearly 3 times the average conversion for the non-profit. The campaign inspired more than 50 mentions across global media, and an estimated 40M have seen its message. All at no media cost to WWF Russia.

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