Audi Times Square

Audi wanted to bring the unparalleled new look of the A7 to life with the mantra: “A boldly designed car deserves a boldly designed world” so POSSIBLE designed an interactive billboard in Times Square, featuring the Audi A7 on 15,000 square feet of LED screens. 

The billboard sprawled 25,000 square feet in a four-story display that asked passers-by to respond to the question: Where do you find bold design? Their Tweeted responses appeared live on the massive billboard. Pedestrians could also check-in at the billboard on Foursquare and Facebook Places.

Our billboard ran for 18 hours a day, with an estimated 1,264,000 pedestrians passing by daily. The billboard was recognized by AdWeek as one of the top 10 use cases of the Times Square LED sign to date.

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