Change Their Fate

“Change Their Fate,” is a digital campaign designed to raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade in Singapore. With increasing demand for luxury products such as ivory and animal skins, a record number of wild animals are being killed every day to supply these “goods.” Despite this, public awareness on the issue remains relatively low.

For this reason, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) tasked POSSIBLE with challenging Singaporeans with a “don’t know, don’t care attitude,” to take action. To bring attention to the horror of poaching, POSSIBLE Singapore gave the target audience a raw, unfettered look at the brutal behind-the-scenes reality.


For March and April of 2016, bus shelters around the island showed digital screens of two animals – the Yellow-Crested Cockatoo and the Sunda Pangolin – crushed against the glass, struggling feebly for freedom. Asia’s first-ever motion enabled story using accelerometer and gyrometer, viewers are prompted to follow the story from the bus shelter to a mobile, interactive 360° experience, where they’re shown the entire smuggling process, from capture to sale. Users are given the option to take a stand and change the animals’ fate, which switches the experience to showcase the beauty of their life in the wild.

We’re proud to join the fight against illegal animal trafficking and to support WRS’ mission to protect biodiversity for future generations. Learn how you can help here.

The Change Their Fate campaign is featured in the April 2016 issue of Marketing Interactive Singapore magazine and has received a slew of press coverage including The Drum and Digital Market Asia.

Watch the behind the scenes footage of how POSSIBLE built this awareness-raising campaign in partnership with the the Singapore Wildlife Reserves.

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