Chef Boyardee Little Chefs Project

Because an increasing number of moms were not considering Chef Boyardee as a dinnertime meal option for the whole family, the brand introduced recipes that incorporated Chef products as actual ingredients. The brand challenged POSSIBLE to promote this new recipe strategy in a way that would inspire moms to try them.

We knew that kids love Chef Boyardee and that moms love getting their kids to help in the kitchen. With that insight firmly in place, a fun solution quickly formed. With the project’s tagline, “Dinner Tastes Better When You Cook It Together,” leading the way, we created an engaging, emotive HTML5 experience that blended videos of mothers and children cooking the recipes together, along with easy-to-follow recipe directions. The real families used as talent in the videos create a genuine, inspiring, and entertaining portrayal that help elevate the cooking moments into meaningful teaching opportunities for families. Created with multiple distribution touchpoints in mind, the series was featured on as well as across the ConAgra Foods/Chef Boyardee digital ecosystem.

Video views and recipe prints served as the project’s measurable actions. And to date, the results prove that moms can’t get enough new recipe choices. So far, more than 9,000 videos have been viewed on-site. These video-viewers also proved a whopping 18 times more likely to print a recipe--12.65% of these visitors also printed a recipe (vs. 0.7% site average). Beyond the videos, the Cooking Together interactive content is resonating strongly with our core target, bloggers and our Facebook community, driving 350% higher prints on than overall average. And the banner creative enjoyed a 0.20% CTR, exceeding our 0.08% benchmark.

Viewed together, the results paint a powerful picture: Consumers who engage with the content are far more likely to perform the priority actions that strongly indicate the likelihood that they’ll make one of the new recipes for their families.

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