Coca-Cola Consumer Websites for CSE Markets

Unify the consumer-facing websites of The Coca-Cola Company for the CSE markets to provide a consistent and easy-to-update starting point for visitors interested in Coca-Cola products and promotions.

Based on our CMS solution, POSSIBLE developed a unified Coke website with flexible content management options. These options include customizable main page promotions and menu items, downloadable goodies, and games coming from the global team—all of which can be viewed on mobile devices. In addition to development tasks, our team is responsible for creating the localized versions of the website and provides continuous updates and maintenance to support the market-specific communication needs of our client.

We are responsible for 12 Coca-Cola consumer websites in the CSE market, including Tier 1 TCCC countries such as Italy and Romania. The solution is so convincing that Russia has decided to join in, too.

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