Ebookers.com iPad App

Ebookers.com wanted an innovative, inspirational, and engaging iPad application to provide added value to customers, create increased brand awareness among the general public and media, and positively impact hotel bookings.

POSSIBLE recognized the importance of personalized social content to truly inspire and engage customers. Our strategy was to create a completely unique option for users that remained fresh, exciting, and aspirational—no matter how many times they searched.

The groundbreaking new ebookers Explorer app pulls together socially generated content from across the Internet, is tailored to the destination the user is looking to explore, and is in an easily digestible travel magazine format. Flickr photographs, YouTube videos, Twitter Tweets, Google blog posts, and hotel information from the ebookers website are combined, allowing users to access and share all the latest information about their chosen destination and activities.

Ebookers is one of the top five travel apps around the world, with a customer rating of 4 out of 5. It has achieved fantastic press coverage with glowing reviews. It was voted an Apple Staff Favorite in 94 countries and has been featured on the Apple iPad App Store home page in six countries. It was also named “Mobile of the Day” by the Favorite Website Awards on June 11, 2012.

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