Michael Kors "Celebrate With"

To heighten awareness and purchase of Michael Kors gifts during the holiday season, we created an engaging, social, and shareable digital experience that celebrated the brand. POSSIBLE created the 2012 holiday campaign home for #CelebrateWith, prompting users to enter what they most wanted to “celebrate with” this year. A playful and elegant take on today’s “fill in the blank” social media tactics, the customized site allowed for direct product purchase, and featured a holiday Gift List to share and promote popular products. 

Universally appealing while seamlessly integrating e-commerce, the campaign resulted in a site that expanded the brand’s relationship with consumers and provided a measurable, solid return on investment. 

Preliminary results included more than 25,000 entries in the first two weeks and several hundred new consumer email addresses captured. Michael Kors increased online sales on MichaelKors.com while engaging with and retaining an expansive online audience, thanks to viral sharing of the site.

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