• How Sales of Mr. Tea Increased 300% On Amazon

How Sales of Mr. Tea Increased 300% On Amazon

This is Mr. Tea. He’s a tea infuser made by fun design specialists, Fred & Friends. What’s a tea infuser? And he’s made from silicone? Are you sure that’s food safe?

These questions and other questions confused potential buyers on Amazon to the point that sales were low, despite Mr. Tea’s high quality and good reviews.

With 30 brands including familiar names like Mikasa®, KitchenAid® and Farberware®, Lifetime Brands is one of the biggest housewares manufacturers around.

Still, they were looking to accelerate their growth on Amazon.

Protective of their brick and mortar relationships, they had been hesitant to enter the commerce market but became aware that their products were being sold on Amazon anyway, with descriptions, images, and even pricing that was off-brand. Lifetime Brands engaged our commerce experts to help. This is the story of how improving content for one of their brands helped increase their sales by 300 percent.

Amazon Optimization Process

Beginning with a research phase, we looked deeply into search patterns, customer reviews, and customer discussions. We created short lists of the words customers used to look for tea-making products, things customers liked, disliked, and things they wondered about Mr. Tea and tea infusers in general.

We used that data to update the product detail page. We highlighted customers’ concerns and questions, and the things that delighted them, using as many search words and phrases as we could with the limited space. How big is it? Is it BPA free? Will it fall into my cup?  

For every product listed on Amazon, brands face 700 fields to input and optimize. If you have hundreds of products listed, you essentially need to manage hundreds of microbusinesses that are constantly changing on Amazon.

We made sure the product images showed customers how to use the product and what it would look like when they were using it. We used simple, direct, natural language to help customers understand what Mr. Tea would do for them and how it would feel. We were honest about what Mr. Tea wouldn’t do, understanding it’s better for someone to not buy something than to buy it and be upset.

We gave the brand itself a lift by telling its history, story, and what makes it unique. We grouped Mr. Tea with Fred & Friends’ other whimsical tea infusers like Deep Tea Diver and Manatea onto one page so customers could see all the other fun options they had as well as aggregate reviews from all of the related products.


The tea infuser may be small but the difference in sales certainly wasn’t. Not only did the product reviews more than double, Mr. Tea jumped to the number one search spot for keywords “tea infuser” and they saw a 300 percent increase in sales month-over-month.

When it comes to Amazon, no detail is too big or too small for us. Learn more about our POSSIBLE Commerce offerings.

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