WWF Tiger Challenge

Amur tigers are disappearing at an alarming rate. Poaching, habitat destruction and a decline in their prey have all put them on the endangered species list. To help raise awareness and funds for these majestic creatures, we set out to help the World Wildlife Foundation showcase the tiger in a new and different way.

Enter Run4tiger, a site that allows runners to compare their achievements with those of an endangered Amur tiger. Anyone with a running app on their smartphone can take part in the Tiger Challenge by registering online, where they can compare their daily, weekly and monthly performance with that of the tiger, then donate to the fund if they lose the challenge.

By playing to the global popularity of running, we re-envisioned the concept of a charity app, conveying the power to change the fate of the tiger. While no money was spent on media, the PR effect was equivalent to half a million dollars. The site has had hundreds of mentions in the global media, with over 50,000 runners involved worldwide. The work was also shortlisted for a Cannes Lion in 2015.

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