Sony Playstation 3 Network Store

POSSIBLE was asked to redesign the PlayStation Network Store from the ground up, with the goal of creating an easy-to-use, satisfying experience for users worldwide, which would help them shop effortlessly for games, videos, music, and apps.

Our design solution is rooted in the tenet that exploring content on a game console should be fun. For the most interesting new content, we invented a dynamic scrolling mosaic that incorporates an innovative system of 3D layered backgrounds that blur the boundary between interface and background environments, and can be configured to create unique layouts and interactions. The design features a brand-new content detail screen that combines a game’s details and related downloadable content onto one screen. And POSSIBLE’s innovative search interface helps users quickly find content without a clumsy on-screen keyboard. Collaborating closely with Sony’s internal design and engineering teams, we pushed the envelope of what HTML5 can do on a gaming platform, and laid the groundwork for future engaging, inventive store experiences.

The new store design was rolled out in 2012 to tens of millions of players worldwide, and has been met by rave reviews, from journalists and users alike.

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