• St-Germain Biketender

St-Germain Biketender

Hot on the heels of St-Germain’s “Peep Show” on Periscope, the liqueur brand pushed even further into new territory with their unique activation called Biketender. And they decided to start the drinking in broad daylight. Because, while plenty of alcohol brands own the night, St-Germain’s “Vive The Day Life” campaign gave the brand ownership of the day, delivering cocktails by bike directly to the consumer.

In partnership with Uber and Minibar, St-Germain mobilized top local mixologists to pedal hand-crafted cocktails to customers on vintage French porteur bicycles. They simply pedaled to your door with refreshing St-Germain cocktails for you and 20 of your closest friends, all at the tap of a button.

While this was deployed in just two cities—Seattle and New York City—over the course of two days, the social buzz for Biketender and “Vive The Day Life” resonated throughout the world. The Biketender activation reached an audience of 7.2M and doubled the industry average Instagram engagement rate. Positive sentiment exceeded industry averages by 77% and demand was so high on day one that despite even the fastest of pedaling, the Biketenders simply couldn’t satisfy every request.

It not only became everyone’s favorite social media cocktail for the day, it became a new favorite word in the pop culture dictionary: the word “Biketender” was featured as one of TED’s “20 words not yet in the dictionary.”

And that wasn’t the only footprint left by the Biketenders. The work has garnered national attention, taking home a host of Seattle ADDYs and a Silver ADDY at the national level.

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