Raising Awareness About Cyberbullying

Words Can Save

Cyberbullying is a serious problem facing teens today. According to global statistics, 25% of teenagers participated in cyberbullying as repeat offenders, while 70% of teenagers suffered from online threats at least once.

One of the challenges in eliminating this problem is raising awareness; parents don’t often see how serious the issue is. Our goal was to build awareness and attract the attention of parents around the world to save their children from this threat. Words Can Save is an interactive portal that highlights the signs and problems associated with cyberbullying. It has been developed to not only raise awareness, but to demonstrate how important words can be for young victims of cyberbullying.

So far, the campaign has resulted in over 40,000 unique visits to the site, with zero spent on media. It’s had over 60 mentions in global media and over 900,000 words have been said to save the site’s characters, Kate and Mike.

Visit the Words Can Save portal here: wordscansave.me.

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